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Zumra Pickled Ginger – 190 gm

90 EGP
Eaten between one sushi piece and the other, Sushi pickled ginger serves as a palate cleanser side dish for its deliciously refreshing taste which makes it an essential part of any sushi meal. Enjoy the premium taste of Zumra pickled sushi ginger made and seasoned with the finest ingredients that you’ll feel in your mouth.

Ground Cumin – 100 Gr

50 EGP
Ground Cumin has a strong aroma and an earthly, warming flavour, 100% pure, No artificial colors or additives, Suitable for vegetarians.

Vietnam Black pepper Ground – 100 Gr

48 EGP
Ground black pepper can be used in almost any savory dish. Although it has a strong flavor of its own, it is a flavor that can be combined with many other herbs, spices and foodstuffs. To ensure that it does not lose its flavor, add it at the end of the preparation process.

Carmencita barbecue seasoning – 62 gr

165 EGP
The intensity of the chili, the mildness of the pink pepper, the freshness of the garlic together with the aroma of the white pepper, will add a flavourful touch to all your barbecue recipes!

Carmencita Basil Seasoning – 16 gr

72 EGP
Bring out the best from your recipes with the Carmencita Basil. It adds a depth of flavor to your preparations that makes every meal a memorable experience. It is a common herb in most of the recipes and is sure to tickle your taste buds.

Carmencita Chicken seasoning – 75 gr

108 EGP
A mixture of spices specially blended to improve the flavour of any preparation of chicken.

Carmencita Cumin Seed ground – 47 gr

85 EGP
Another classic from the kitchen that Carmencita offers you in two versions: in grain or ground for your pickles, sauces or pastries.

Carmencita Curry Powder – 40 gr

45 EGP
Curry is a fresh and aromatic blend from India prepared out of whole spices which are slightly toasted. Carmencita offers you a classical Indian blend of selected spices; turmeric, pepper, mustard, mace, coriander, ginger, cardamon, clove, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and anise. Try preparing a traditional chicken curry with rice.

Carmencita Fish Mediterranean – 75 gr

75 EGP
Spice up your fish dishes by adding a touch of this delicious seasoning

Carmencita Fish Seasoning – 75 gr

Spice up your fish dishes by adding a touch of this delicious seasoning

Carmencita garlic powder – 60 gr

112 EGP
Forget about peeling and chopping garlic whenever you want to cook one of your favourite recipes. Carmencita does it for you, giving you the best alternative by having garlic powder always at hand in your kitchen.

Carmencita Ground Ginger – 35 gr

98 EGP
A warm aroma with refreshing high notes. Carmencita offers you ground ginger to add to your soups, seafood, fish and meat.