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Zumra Light Soy Sauce – 625 ml

98 EGP
Add a delicious deep flavor to your dishes with the delicious light soy sauce from Zumra that’s naturally brewed to add a well-balanced flavor. It’s great to be used in cooking and marinades to give that savory taste, or can be used as a dipping. It’s perfect for everything.

Zumra Premium Soy Sauce – 150 ml

130 EGP
The naturally brewed premium soy sauce from Zumra is Known best for its thick and viscous texture and delicious aroma that’s used to strengthen the flavor not only for Asian dishes but for many western dishes as well. As it complements the natural flavors, aromas, and colors of food without overpowering. Use it in marinades, dipping, cooking, or even in dressings. It’s perfect for everything.

Heinz Classic Mayonnaise – 285 Gr

39 EGP
Indulge in the deliciously creamy perfection of Heinz Real Mayonnaise. Crafted with 100% Cage Free Eggs, lemon juice, and select oil & vinegar for a superior taste.

Heinz Classic Mayonnaise – 310 Gr

52 EGP
Deliciously creamy and smooth, it is an essential addition to any salad or sandwich. Heinz Classic Mayonnaise is a tasty condiment that has been made with fresh eggs and no artificial ingredients.

Heinz Light Mayonnaise – 310 Gr

45 EGP
Prepare tasty and low-fat delicacies with the Heinz Light Mayonnaise. It comprises of oil, egg yolk, and an acid, either vinegar or lemon juice that ensures a uniquely rich and thick texture. Additionally, this ingredient has a spicy touch with intense chili to add a unique flavor to your food. It has a slightly acidic and salty taste that enhances the flavor of your food. This condiment is a supplementary ingredient in snacks like burgers, sandwiches, salads, cupcakes, and dips.

Heinz Mustard – 235 Gr

42 EGP
A deliciously smooth & creamy yellow mustard with a mild kick, perfect for everyone to enjoy. Try adding it to your burgers & hotdogs for an extra yummy meal!

Heinz Mustard – 5 Kilo

335 EGP
A deliciously smooth & creamy yellow mustard with a mild kick, perfect for everyone to enjoy. Try adding it to your burgers & hotdogs for an extra yummy meal!

Zumra Sriracha Sauce – 450 ml

200 EGP
Spice up your dishes with Zumra Sriracha sauce, made out of premium chilies pureed into a smooth-textured sauce captured in a convenient squeeze bottle. Add it to pasta dishes, and sandwiches, or use it as a dipping sauce. It works for everything.

Caramel Mac Sauce – 1 kilo

60 EGP
GSF Caramel is made of high quality ingredients perfect for topping on almost any dessert.

Carte D’or Chocolate Topping – 1 kg

360 EGP
Carte D'or Chocolate Topping is a classic chocolate sauce with the finest taste and a delicate creamy consistency. The silky sheen makes it the perfect chocolate sauce for garnishing ice cream, frozen yoghurt, cakes and pastry decoration. The high cocoa content makes it also perfect for milkshake preparation.

Chocolate Mousse Powder Mix – 3 KG

999 EGP
Why Carte D’or Mousse!?, Same consistency during serving on buffet and storage. Ideal for adding coulis and sauces. Prepare using cold water. Carte D’or Mousse Range elevates all your dessert applications while offering a wide range of dishes in less than 10 minutes.

Pancake, Crepe and Waffle Powder Mix – 3 KG

699 EGP
Suitable for savory and desserts Ideal for addition of coulis and sauces Vegan (if prepared using water) Carte D’or Pancake, Crepe & Waffle Powder Mix offers the versatility we need in both sweet and savory applications.